Wednesday, 22 November 2017

Meme battles

I remember being semi-disgusted when I first came across the 'IT'S OK TO BE WHITE' meme. What a pathetic pusillanimous plea for tolerance in our own countries, the counties our ancestors built and passed on to us. But little did I know that in fact it represented a masterpiece of memeology. Its genius lay in its weakness because even with that it was sure to activate the hive of self-hating Whites and hostile minorities that infest every White country. This in turn would awaken normies to the prevailing double-standards as the more tame and inoffensive the message the more absurd the outcry surrounding it would be.  And by all accounts it's been a spectacular success.

But still, the very fact that Whites are reduced to such stratagems in our own countries, and that so many White cucks jumped at the bait underlines the extent to which our self-belief has fallen. Our big sin was colonialism for which we endlessly grovel and apologise. Be assured that no other race suffers from such an affliction. Mongolians for instance revere Genghis Khan who by many estimates killed 10% of the contemporary world's population. That would be about 500 million in today's figures. The one thing to make him happy was to 'see the bodies of my enemies piled up, hear the wailing of their wives and children and see their town and cities destroyed by fire'. Entire civilisations were destroyed and huge areas of the Eurasian landmass took centuries to recover,

Yet Genghis Khan is revered in Mongolia today. His monuments are everywhere. In fact there's a Genghis Khan Complex outside the capital Ulanbaator which is
dominated by a magnificent 120 foot tall equestrian statue of the mass murdering despot. Ironically Mongolians wistfully point out that the gradual demographic takeover of their country by Han Chinese would be reversed if the country had a latter-day Genghis.

Whites are in dire straights but one consolation is that we're winning the meme war against the soulless hectoring nation-wreckers who dominate every other arena. And as the great H L Mencken observed “one horse-laugh is worth ten-thousand syllogisms.”

Saturday, 18 November 2017

An astounding outcome

A little over two years ago Freddie Grey, a Baltimore criminal, died in the back of a police van. This lead to days of rioting which lead to many deaths and much of the city in ruins. The rioters were probably taking Mayor Stephanie-Rawlings-Blake at her word when she claimed they needed 'space to destroy' know, to assuage their grief at Freddie's death. She and her top law enforcement officials (seen in the top pic...clearly great legal minds, driven by a thirst for justice) came up with additional measures to get the city back on an even footing. 
Marlyn Mosby the State's Attorney (the epitome of the angry black affirmative action woman) immediately put the cops on trial and in the finest traditions of African justice virtually declared them guilty before they ever appeared in court. In fact all the cases against them collapsed.....opening the gates for more 'space to destroy'. Other measures included keeping police off the streets in 'sensitive' ( neighbourhoods and forcing White policemen to retire, to be replaced by corrupt and incompetent minorities who immediately realised that stopping crime in 'sensitive areas' would more likely lead to the police ending up in the dock than the criminals.

What could possibly go wrong? 

Well lots actually. The new Mayor is 'deeply concerned' by the ensuing crime rate. Murders are now at a record rate (more than 300 this year so far, Montana by contrast has had 37) but as one journalist noted 'much has been made of the staggering pace of killings in Baltimore. But less known are the increases in rapes, robberies, assaults, burglaries and arsons this year.'  By taking encouragement from the two-day 'ceasefires' (sic) arranged with the thugs the Mayor inadvertently revealed the city to be a war zone. Meanwhile Whites and businesses - same thing really - flee the city, further impairing the city's finances. So the city Administration now wants 'assistance' - which means White taxpayers picking up the tab yet again for the incompetence and depredations of the black undertow.

This is but the tip of the iceberg. Municipal pension funds are insolvent right across the country but self-evidently the worst are in minority-run areas. Take out the popcorn and enjoy the fun. They might yet make good on their threat to return to Africa if things turn out badly enough.

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

This sporting life

 I realise that few of you have much time for professional sport. It's understandable given that it represents the bread & circuses of modern times, serving to distract the White masses from the war being waged on them. In fact it's infinitely worse than a distraction, serving also as an extraordinarily effective weapon for breaking down our ethnic solidarity and normalising the presence of non-Whites in White society. It also segues perfectly into the Magic Negro syndrome, capitalising as it does on the one arena in which blacks excel.

Throughout Europe football and rugby teams used to reflect the tightly-knit communities they represented (dour Yorkshiremen, brawny Welsh miners, Protestant-only Scotsmen, Flash-Harry Londoners) and in doing so reinforced prevailing ethnic, religious and social bonds. The same applied at international level, blonde well-organised and predictable Swedes, ultra-talented but emotionally brittle French…..the national stereotypes generally held true. Now it's a matter of note when a 'local boy' plays for the local team and that French side (pictured below) contains but a small minority of actual Frenchmen. With the exception of eastern Europe “national” sides today are virtually interchangeable, a few Whites surrounded by various mystery meat of unfathomable origin. And – catastrophically - the fans have come to see this as normal.

Only this weekend a new Irishman took the field for  'his' country. Born and raised in the South Seas, in Ireland for all of three years, Bundi Aki is now authentically Irish. Or so most fans belief. The match he played in highlighted another calamity: The limitless capacity of blacks to destroy everything and anything that Whites built. In this case I'm referring to the South African rugby team (the Springboks). Throughout rugby history they bestrode the world like a colossus, building a legendary reputation for strength, organisation, passion, skill and innovative thinking. When Ireland played them a trouncing was expected, a close defeat represented something to be celebrated. And now? Ireland have been beating them routinely in recent years, culminating in a humiliating 38-3 win last Saturday. A couple of weeks earlier the Springboks were beaten by New Zealand with a stomach-churning scoreline of 57-0 .

What happened? Well, the Rainbow Nation happened. The Springboks had always been inextricably linked with the Afrikaner community, the occasional Anglo notwithstanding. But with 'freedom' the Bantus saw the opportunity for some of that fame and wealth that Whitey had unfairly kept from them. This of course was pure Cargo Cult thinking. Whites have something, we want it. No understanding of how and why the Springboks achieved such legendary status. They wanted 'their' share and they got it by insisting on quotas for non-Whites at both management and playing levels. The lunatics have taken over the asylum, lazy incompetent buffoons shoehorned into key positions….with predictable results.

The demise of the Springboks perfectly traces the demise of South Africa itself, and we must all face the grim possibility that similar fate could eventually befall Whites everywhere.

Monday, 13 November 2017

Viva Catalonia (y California) libre!

The Catalonian independence project seems to be in disarray, the leaders in flight or facing serious legal charges. What's the net impact on the NWO globalists' War On Whites? On the face of it any form of fissiparous movement should be supported as it runs directly counter to the World Government centralisation project.  If this Catalonia problem hastens the break-up of the E.U. then that is a good thing and we should support it. But there's an alternative take on this. Would the Empire be able more easily to control small and relatively weak member states than large unified ones? It could be argued that it is not the EU Evil empire that will fall to pieces, it is the small nations controlled by the EU.

Maybe, but the hostile reaction of the Brussels sociopaths to Catalonian independence suggests otherwise.

The other factor is that Catalonia is among the most (cough) 'liberal' and left-wing regions of Spain. Barcelona's Director Of Communications even took to pissing in the middle of the street to demonstrate her liberation. And the Catalans loved it. Despite their cities being ruined by the proliferation of African flotsam and blown up by Muslims they take pride in being pro immigration. An independent Catalonia would likely welcome in even more Muslims and Africans.

And being rich - for now anyway -  it will have no shortage of  parasites availing of this hospitality. The net result will be Detroitisation and an explosion (ha!) of terrorism. This from a 'Catalonian' imam. "Muslims should vote for pro-independence parties, as they need our votes. But what they do not know is that, once they allow us to vote, we will all vote for Islamic parties ... and as we begin to accumulate power in the Catalan autonomous region, Islam will begin to be implemented."

So hopefully independence will be achieved and the inevitable impoverished Islamicised miscegenated ghetto will serve as a warning to others. By the way I see the issue as being very similar to California's. Let them go too. Whites will leave and with a population comprised of mestizos, blacks and coolies - Third World peoples - it will revert in due course to Third World status. AND....the USA would be Whiter and stronger without it. 

Viva California y Catalonia libre!

Saturday, 11 November 2017

It's true after all. Diversity does stimulate innovation.

There was I thinking that diversity lead to societal decay, atomisation, distrust, incompetence, over-crowding, crime and violence. Well it does lead to all of those things but it seems it can also stimulate technical innovation. And that's a good thing. Sweden's Infrastructure Minister Tomas Eneroth hopes to introduce 'geo-fences' in urban areas next year using technology that can over-ride  drivers and digitally stop large vehicles or reduce their speed. 

Now those of you who've driven in Sweden might wonder about the need for such a technology given the legendary law-abiding qualities of that country's drivers.  But the Minister, although he of course hasn't pointed this out, has in mind the 'New Swedes', especially those adherents of  the Religion Of Peace. And specifically their unique approach to community relations involving mowing down the local kuffers with trucks and cars. 

I thought that the problem had been solved by turning pedestrian areas into replicas of Baghdad's Green Zone but apparently the jihadis had got around this by smashing very large vehicles into the barricades at very high speed. Hence the digital geo-fences. "Security on our pedestrianized streets has been improved. Directly after the terror attack we put out more stone lions, and we have also ordered heavier versions which are coming next year" said Daniel Halldén, Stockholm's transport commissioner. "The heavier lions will weigh three times as much as those currently in place, at three tonnes each, and will be placed in a way so that vehicles cannot drive straight ahead but are forced to turn, preventing them from being able to increase their speed."

Ah sure that's ok then. I'm sure all Swedes will agree that such inconveniences, and the regular sight of dismembered bodies on their streets, are but a small price to pay for the joys of diversity. 

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Gun control: Some inconvenient truths

The latest shooting outrage - this time in Texas, getting hard to keep track - has elicited the usual hysterical squeals for gun control from the usual suspects. They cite such outrages as definitively supporting their position whereas in fact they do nothing of the sort.

Some inconvenient truths:

The ownership/murder ratio does not hold up. The ratio of gun ownership does not correlate at all with the number of murders. For instance Norway, Canada and Switzerland lag only slightly behind the USA in the gun ownership ratio but the gun death ratio (especially in Norway and Switzerland) is but a fraction of America's. 

Bad guys can always get hold a gun.  Would-be murderers or terrorists can always get hold a gun or if not a weapon equally lethal. This applies especially in the USA where existing circumstances (hundreds of millions of guns in existence and Latin America lying across a porous border) render it impossible to disarm gang-bangers or terrorists.

Gun deaths are actually declining: Despite the opportunistic hysteria that accompanies every mass killing in the USA the number of gun deaths there has actually declined since the nineties. (Last year 12 per 100,000, 15 for most of the nineties...a 20% decline). That being so why the clamour now? Read on.

The 80/20 rule: Analysis of race-delineated gun deaths shows that approximately 80% of White killers kill themselves while the ratio is reversed for black killers. We can reasonably infer that an absence of a gun would prevent a would-be suicide attempt.

Legally-owned gun-holders can deter attackers. We've seen this time and again, not least in the latest case where the assassin would have killed many more had he not been shot by a local man carrying a legally-held firearm.

The nigger in the woodpile: An appropriate metaphor here because the mystery ingredient underpinning all of the anomalies above is race. As FBI statistics show, year after year, blacks murder at about six times the rate of Whites, Hispanics three to four times the White rate. If you normalise the figures, i.e. isolate the ratio of gun murders committed by Whites, you'll see that America is little different from most European countries. In fact it's better than some.

It should be clear therefore - even to a sociology professor - that the whole gun control project is based on false assumptions, contradictory data and thus totally misdirected.  The measures proposed will be heavily skewed to disarm law-abiding Whites while making little or no impact in the overall gun murder rate. So it's totally misdirected and count-productive. 

Or is it? 

In this post I showed that the gun control project in America is absolutely dominated by Jewish interest groups, almost as much as with the open borders project. I go on to ask why Jews would be so hostile to private gun ownership. After all, they portray themselves - ad nauseam - as hapless hard-working victims of state-sponsored pogroms throughout history. But like so much of the Approved Version of History this trope doesn't stand up. In actual fact Jews have always managed to inveigle themselves into the role of eminence grise, at the side of or behind the actual rulers, as 'advisors', enablers, financiers etc. This role, so obvious in every Western country today, seems to have applied for centuries, even in Muslim regions. My own research into pogroms suggests that for the most part - there most certainly have been exceptions - but for the most part they've been spontaneous outbursts by the hoi polloi rather than organised Government action.

As an explanation for this apparent paradox I offer the experience of colonialism. Understand that every colonial power assigned top priority to disarming the colonised population. The British Empire expended enormous amounts of blood, treasure and a variety of tactics (carrots, sticks, deception) in separating the natives from their arms. Am I uncharitable in suggesting that Jews regard America as colonised territory, a territory in which their position relative to the general population is analogous to that of - for example - Whites in Kenya under colonialism? The nightmare scenario for the settler there was the prospect of being surrounded by well-armed Kikuyu or Masai tribesmen. Which explains why West Bank settlers are armed to the teeth day and night. (A practice with which Feinstein et al seem, strangely, to have no difficulty.) So maybe in the fevered imagination of Jewish gun control advocates White Christians represent the natives outside the compound poised to slit their throats at the first opportunity.

In that case if you are the Government doesn't it make sense for guns to be controlled by the Government?

Saturday, 4 November 2017

Colonial boundaries and their discontents

It's not often that I agree with left-wing libtards but I do when they claim that legacy colonial boundaries have given rise to many of the developing world's current problems. Because it is true that many such boundaries, especially in Africa and the Middle East, were drawn in straight lines with barely a nod in the direction of the underlying ethnic realities. Many of today's countries in those regions are now a hotch-potch of often incompatible ethnicities, races, religions and cultures.

Thus the Rwandan genocide has been squarely placed at the feet of the colonial power, Belgium in this case, which shoe-horned two mutually hostile people into the same small country, a disaster waiting to happen. Academic research bears out this analysis. "Our interpretation of this empirical result is that in societies where individuals differ from each other in both ethnicity and culture, social antagonism is greater, and political economy outcomes are worse.The study has found exactly this: societies that are both multiethnic/multiracial and multicultural have more social stress, antagonism, corruption, and low trust."

So that's pretty clear-cut. And indeed would be self-evident to anybody but a sociology professor. So why the fuck then are these same left-wing libtards trying to recreate the same catastrophic social conditions in White countries today? They actively work to import into what had been cohesive White societies millions of immigrants from races, religions and cultures that are incompatible not alone with White society but with one another as well. We know of course why their NWO globalist overlords are pushing this pernicious project: They want to destroy the ethnic homogeneity of the White race, their most dangerous opponent. But why would liberals (I use 'liberal' in its current deformed sense) want to do it?

Because liberalism truly is a mental disease.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Ireland celebrates the return of its lost child

The great day had arrived. The most famous Irish prisoner since Oscar Wilde was returning to his ancestral homeland in a blaze of publicity and unprecedented outpourings of joy. Dublin Airport throbbed with anticipation, flashbulbs popped, TV cameras whirred amid an explosion of cheers and tears as the child - that's how he was referred to -  eventually emerged, flanked by an array of virtue-signalling dignitaries. Yes, Ibrahim ('Paddy') Halawa was back from his four-year long hunger strike undertaken while confined in a microscopically small cell of six square inches in Egypt. Success at last for the massive campaign waged at huge cost to the Irish taxpayer to get the child back. This included frequent visits to Egypt by senior Government figures and just about every parasitic quango in the country.

Now some cynics might point out that Paddy's bloodline is 100% Arabic, that he had claimed while in Egypt that 'I might have been born in Ireland but I'm fully Egyptian' and he's an active supporter of the Muslim Brotherhood. But most good-hearted people would agree with Dublin's Archbishop Diarmuid Martin that 'he's as Irish as any of us'. He now faces a glittering array of media interviews including a special guest appearance on our flagship TV talk show. And he can rest assured that not a single awkward question will be asked about the mass of lies, obfuscations and self-contradictions that has characterised this charade from the very beginning. Because the see-no-evil performance of the Irish MSM has brought the already abysmal journalistic standards (an oxymoron?) to new lows. 

An exemplar of this new low was the award to Halawa's sisters of The Irish Tatler Women of the Year Award. Which represented just one of the many exquisite ironies characterising this whole charade. Because Tatler specialises in scantily-clad models draped in suggestive poses on almost every page. We can only imagine the fate of its staff should the the hijab-clad Ugly Sister recipients of the prize ever achieve the power they crave. And then there's the active support offered by Ireland's openly gay Prime Minister who'd be pitched head first from a tall building if Halawa's pals in the Muslim Brotherhood had their way.

Meanwhile, half a world away an actual Irishman waits to begin a jail sentence for a crime he claims he did not commit. Éanna Ó Cochláin was sentenced to 12 years in prison for smuggling 0.38 grams of cannabis in the Philippines four years ago. The psychiatric nurse, who lived in London with his wife and daughter, denies any knowledge of the drugs and says they were planted on him. A practice which it seems is quite common in  that country. Now he might be guilty or he might not. But....12 years for 0.38 grams of cannabis??? Pablo Escobar he ain't, that's for sure. Would seem to be an ideal case for the Irish authorities to exert themselves on behalf of one of its citizens. But noooo. Nada. His representative has criticised Irish politicians saying they have not taken any interest in the case. "Our Irish politicians are not interested. To be fairly brutal, nobody has given a damn. He (Éanna) cannot see why the Irish government won’t try and help."
Well I can help with an explanation here Éanna. You see you are a White fair-haired Christian male. As such you're at the bottom of the totem pole, the last in line. You have nobody, least of all your own kith and kin, to help you fight your corner.  The Western mind has been taken over by the human equivalent of Monomorium santschii, a parasite so terrible that it can actually induce its unwitting host to murder its own mother. In human terms it's known as pathological altruism. And that's why your own kith and kin ignore you while lavishing unquestioning support on hostile foreigners who in return despise everything about their benefactors.

Sunday, 29 October 2017

A baffling paradox

I need your help here with a seemingly intractable problem. You see I'm reading a lot about the evils of White Flight which it seems is a Very Bad Thing, having a dreadful impact on the vibrants left behind. Whites apparently 'take all the jobs with them' while property prices and local tax revenues collapse with their departure. Meanwhile the unfortunate vibrants left behind "suffer from" all kinds of pathologies like collapsing infrastructure, murder, assault, robbery and drug addiction.  Strangely enough the identity of those making the Left Behind suffer is never made clear. I wonder could it be the suburban Whites sneaking back in at night? Who knows?

So that's one thing. Now the other concerns gentrification. This refers to the practise whereby Whites, presumably touched by the suffering of the homeboys, leave their comfy suburbs and return to the city. You'd imagine, given the calamities of White Flight,  its reversal would be greeted with joyous outpourings from the Left Behind. But no.  It seems that gentrification is also a Very Bad Thing. Why?  Apparently it leads to the "forced disenfranchisement and displacement of poor and working class people from the spaces and places in which they have legitimate social and historical claims and brings new standards in consumption, particularly in the form of excess and superfluity."    And latte at $5 a cup.

Oh dear. So we have black 'community leaders' bemoaning the flight of White residents from their cities. And then bemoaning their return as well.  I have to concede I'm puzzled.

Thursday, 26 October 2017

A seductive meme

There's a popular meme in WN circles that goes something like this: Whites developed superior intelligence due to the harsh northern climate which not alone facilitated physical brain growth but ensured that the Darwinian Imperative culled those without the requisite intelligence, the ability for long-term planning and the willingness to defer gratification.  The minds it shaped brought forth innovation, first benefiting themselves and then their offspring.

It goes liker this "It is only with the resultant prosperous luxuries that this generation can consider progressive arguments that would get themselves laughed out of their village in shame throughout civilized history.  Indeed, being a progressive has become a way to signal just how comfortable and high status you are. Thank you for the innovations in reproductive medicine, now stay out of my bedroom while I laugh at the religious ethics that was my ancestor’s penicillin. Open your borders, disarm and share everything with the world or you’re a backwards racist hick. This washing machine is great, now stop oppressing women like a caveman."

 This is a convincing thesis. As far as it goes.

However there's an extension to this meme which I believe to be dangerously wrong and with potentially disastrous consequences. "Threats to reproductive fitness can come from a bear running at you, or from a TV telling your daughter to never settle. You see the unfortunate story of a woman who spent the currency of her youth on degrees and contracepted sex with alpha males and then her IVF doesn’t take at 35. What I see is a gazelle who got eaten by a cheetah because it couldn’t run fast enough. To the universe, the result is just the same. There are those who won’t reproduce by their own carelessness or choice.  It isn’t to be fought. It is evolution in action. It isn’t sad, it is a beautiful thing to witness."

Why do I think this is dangerously wrong? Because the lack of reproductive fitness is a function of the deliberate poisoning of that intelligence by a malevolent virus - it is not biological.  There is nothing inherently self-destructive about progressives/DWLs in that they're not like the slow gazelle or (generally, I imagine) that they lack the planning capabilities that saved our ancestors. Neither is their syndrome immutable. It can be cured by administering the antidote to the malevolent virus.

Here I modestly propose my own experience as supportive evidence.  I have a technology-related PhD, have been a visiting professor at a number of distinguished universities, have built and sold a technology-based enterprise. So I'm not stupid and don't lack the ability to plan. Neither am I or was I ever one of those effete advertising betas.  I played rugby for years and in my time both administered and suffered many a physical beating. So I blushingly propose that I'm the kind of stock upon which White salvation can be based.

But here's the point.  Up until comparatively recently I was a card-carrying member of The Cathedral.  I bought into all the DWL bullshit!  A number of different factors contributed to my awakening but the point is I was awakened.  My 'condition' was not immutable, nor was it biologically based. It could and did change. That's why I believe the sub-meme - that DWLs are biologically destined for evolutionary extinction - to be a dangerous fallacy.  Dangerous because if DWLs such I could see the light so can many if not most of the others. Giving up on them and relishing their destruction is, well, the kind of self-destructive behaviour we rightly condemn in them.

Saturday, 21 October 2017

The war against Whites

On a routine visit to my doctor this week when the subject of White disempowerment arose. She laughed at the very idea but wore a more pensive expression after I cited some supporting evidence. Reflecting later I realised that I could have come up with some additional material. This is a vital subject and it's important to be able to deploy the key facts and memes should the opportunity for an elevator pitch arise.

I therefore humbly offer the following arrows for your quivers.

Affirmative action and quotas. This is quite blatant and open. Whites are discriminated against in admission to schools, colleges and various other institutions and suffer the same form of disadvantage when it comes to appointment to jobs as well as subsequent promotional opportunities.  Remember that this is a zero-sum game. Every non-White benefiting from AA or quotas means a corresponding number of Whites being disadvantaged.

Mass Third World immigration.   Not much to be added here other than it applies to White countries only (ever hear anyone say Africa or China should be flooded by Whites?), that it's clearly organised and enabled by an array of so-called human rights legislation and supported by just about every media outlet and international body.

Abuse, ridicule and marginalisation in "news" media and entertainment. The proverbial visitor from Mars today would assume that Western countries are about 50% non-White based on what he'd see in media and entertainment. In addition the heroes and Good Guys are invariably non-White with the dorks and Bad Guys invariably White. This has been accompanied by strong miscegenation propaganda especially of the White female/black male kind

Heritage and culture: The White achievement in building the most advanced civilisation the world has seen gets minimised ('they stole the wealth and science of others'), the Christian religion gets mocked and barred from the public arena, our literature is dismissed as the racist and misogynistic work of 'dead White men', art replaced by its repulsive and degraded 'modern' equivalent while White music, both classical and modern, has been pushed aside in favour of a primitive stomach-churning jungle cacophony performed by grunting and shrieking ape-like creatures on TV

Hate legislation. This has strayed far from its original stated intention and has now been weaponised to silence and disempower Whites and only Whites. This initiative has been accompanied by biased court systems whereby heavy penalties are imposed on Whites for upsetting non-Whites while the latter are free to spout hate and aggression without repercussion

Diversity propagation.   A non-stop multi-channel barrage of pro-diversity propaganda has been operational in White countries - and only White countries - for several decades. Diversity's benefits have been endlessly touted. But never specified. Because there are none, at least for those being diversified (Whites). Note that diversity has come to mean too may White people. All black Africans or all sallow similar-looking Chinese? That's diversity. A strong majority of Whites? Diversity urgently needed.

Curtailing freedom of association. Whites are precluded both de jure and de facto in most Western countries from having their own clubs, associations or residential areas with negative effects on social cohesion and miscegenation. Of course 'minorities' labour under no such restrictions as any member of the Black Lawyers' Association will confirm.

This War on Whites neither kills outright nor inflicts apparent physical harm, yet the extent of its destructive toll is already greater than that of any war, plague, famine, or natural calamity on record. And its potential damage to the quality of human life and the fabric of civilised society is beyond calculation.

Wednesday, 18 October 2017


Several readers have already asked me to comment on the Las Vegas shooting but I declined for the simple reason that I didn't have anything to add. I could have speculated of course but speculation based on sparse knowledge isn't much use. But now take the case of Kymberley Suchomel who had survived the shooting unscathed. Subsequent to the attack she had posted a vivid and detailed description of the events, much of which were at variance with the official version, most notably her claim that there were multiple shooters. Now we learn that she has died 'from natural causes'! She had also written this about when she was escaping with her group after the attack. A  ‘dark-colored SUV’ slowed and a ‘small Hispanic woman’ emerged from the window to “taunt” her group. “[She] leans out the window, and she yells something we couldn’t understand in a clearly taunting manner. It really freaked us out, because again, we didn’t know who we could and could not trust”. Could this have been the same 'short Hispanic women' who other concert-goers claim threatened them before the shooting?

Significantly in my view her FB postings have been wiped from the Internet with her death. And here's another one that was disappeared from the Web. Nabarro's story concerned the valet named Chad Nishimura who parked Paddock’s car and told Nabarro that he chatted with Paddock briefly before parking his vehicle. He said that Paddock “seemed normal”and that he “didn’t have any bags with him upon arrival”. Well, that story has been completely scrubbed from the Internet as well as have Nishimura's social media accounts. Even his Linkedin profile.

It's hard to envisage an innocent explanation for these developments. Which in turn suggests that there's a conspiracy afoot. If so what's it all about? As of now we don't know despite many confident assertions to the contrary. And on the subject of conspiracies, what's the deal with Harvey Weinstein? One of the most powerful men in Hollywood, Jewish, strong supporter of Democratic and "liberal" causes, gets thrown to the wolves for.....casting couch antics? And it wasn't just the fact that he was 'exposed' so to speak. The whole thing seemed to be carefully orchestrated, everybody coming out of the woodwork at the same time, obliterating him within a matter of days. And the people who turned on him were the very ones you'd expect to support him.

All very odd. Will explanations emerge in due course?

Monday, 16 October 2017

Unanswered questions on foreign aid

Take up the White Man's burden,The savage wars of peace--
Fill full the mouth of Famine And bid the sickness cease;
And when your goal is nearest The end for others sought,
Watch sloth and heathen Folly Bring all your hopes to nought.

The over-riding and all-consuming priority for every politician in a parliamentary democracy is to hold onto his seat. (I derive intense satisfaction from not saying ‘his or her’ seat). Irish politicians, due to the multi-seat proportional representation system, are more sensitive than most, as there's only a handful of really safe seats in the whole country. To keep his seat the pol must keep his constituents happy. This involves diverting as much government largess as possible to his constituency, and above all in avoiding closure of police stations, hospitals, schools quangos or any other publicly funded institution.

Naturally, the pols do everything in their power to prevent such cash-saving actions. They cajole every Minister, threaten to leave the party, to vote against it, to join the opposition or whatever. The pressure on those around the Cabinet table is immense. Small wonder that the battles are so fierce and prolonged despite the figures involved often being quite small, say €10 million annually. They scour every item of expenditure to save a million here, a million there. Always with an eye to the political impact (i.e. their careers). Awful, painful, career-ending cost-based decisions must be made.

As they tear at each other around the Cabinet table why doesn’t someone say, no, scream, ‘why the fuck are we talking about closing a hospital here when we could keep it open, and a dozen others like it, by keeping what we toss away on foreign aid?’  Would not €100 million be better spent on reducing health service waiting lists than on buying jet fighters for the Ugandan Air Force?  Yes, lying on the table, in all its glory, lies an annualised pot of about €700 million which the pols could redeploy overnight with zero impact on the voting public. Yet it remains sacrosanct.

But help might be coming from an unlikely source: Zimbabwe.  Dambisa Moyo in her Dead Aid: Why Aid is Not Working shows that  systematic aid increases corruption, destroys accountability and inhibits entrepreneurship, fosters laziness in governments and citizens, encourages “reckless consumption” instead of investment in the domestic infrastructure, and foments conflict — even civil wars — because warring factions are intoxicated by the prospect of gaining access to all that free cash. A position Bill Gates described as 'promoting evil' no less. And in fairness Bill is more than familiar with the concept of promoting evil.

So why does the West continue to pour money into international aid? As with most other weighty issues the answer will be found if you 'follow the money'. And in this instance the money keeps a massive aid industry (estimated to employ in the region of 500,000 world-wide with the World Bank octopus-like at its centre) in continuous operation. And here I'm in agreement with the many African nationalists who claim that the aid industry actually doesn't want to cure the economic ills of Africa for the simple reason that were such ills to be miraculously cured they all be out of their comfortable well-paid jobs. In this they're like big pharma which would be out of  business if cures  for  major illnesses were discovered. I experienced this myself directly when heading up the design team for a national telecommunications infrastructure project in Ghana about twenty years ago. Within two weeks it became clear that the project's resources would be plundered by the local bigwigs while designated local staff lacked the necessary skills and experience. I recommended to the WB Project Director that the initiative be abandoned before serious money was flushed down the drain.His reaction was astonishing. He nearly freaked out and came close to admitting that his criterion for success was more about the ability to spend the money rather than achieve the stated objectives.

But that still leaves the question hanging as to why national politicians are so reluctant to tuck into this trough of goodies. After all the numbers directly working in aid industry are comparatively small (although any number is too big) and while the SJWs and their media shills would have a collective fit of the vapours the general voting pubic would be far more grounded. Or based as they say now. 

So..... are there other  forces at work?

Monday, 9 October 2017

The perils of blending

This from Nilus, popular commentator and ace jewdar sleuth in the comment section of the previous post: "Tell me there's not an Irishman that could watch this and not get furious". Well nilus here's one Irishman who got seriously furious, suffused with a cold anger. He was referring to a series of ads running for Tullamore Dew blended Irish whiskey (here and here). No surprise that they're straight out of the Great Book Of Diversity Cliches.

Authoritative-Black-Female walks out on Mewling-White-Beta boyfriend contemptuously dismissing the 'Irish' on her way. This of course is most certainly not racist, just cute. Cut to panel of typical Irish bar-flies, White-guy, Black-guy, Asian-guy to whom Mewling-White-Beta spouts stage Oirish 'poetry' (the Oirish are all poets you know) as he mourns the loss of his magic negress. Then, in a stunning demonstration of their Irishness the mystery meat barflies break into a heartfelt rendition of 'Danny Boy'. See, they're just as Irish as any of us!

Which leads me to my first question. If blacks and Asians (and by inference anybody else roosting here) can be authentically Irish then what does being Irish mean?  Prior to the very recent immivasion the Irish gene pool was made up virtually 100% of Celts, Anglo-Saxons, Vikings and Normans. This blending over a thousand years and more gave us the characteristics that today define Irishness, the memes the company deploys to hype its products while portraying typical Irish barflies as multiracial hybrids. Inconsistency?

Then we come to the central dilemma of diversity: We're bombarded day and night with the manifold (though never explained) benefits and joys of diversity. Yet the race-mixing that they promote with equal enthusiasm will logically lead to the elimination of diversity as we all become coffee-coloured mongrels. Indeed Tullamore Dew lay great emphasis on the subtle blending that's gone into the development of their products. So they'd be the first to admit that should some naughty employee drop a juicy turd into the whiskey vat the blend might suffer somewhat.  Indeed. Point being, blending can make something worse or better whether you're making whiskey or making a nation. As one commentator put it "a successful blend needs to be poured slowly, be well thought out, with ingredients that complement it and improve it, whilst staying true to it's natural character. "

In conclusion I reiterate my cold bitterness towards those who develop and publish the traitorous bilge that these ads represent. 
Frank Galton reveals that the ad campaign was developed by NY agency (((Opperman Weiss))).


Friday, 6 October 2017

Slobodan Milosovic - what we can learn

When writing on the Rohingya (self-induced) crisis a few weeks back I observed that when the USA, all of its Western lapdogs, the UN, NATO, the mainstream media, all the 'independent' think fact when every official source speaks with one voice you can be sure of but one thing: A major mind-fuck is underway. Hark back now to Slobodan Milosovic and the breakup of Yugoslavia, the Bosnian Civil War and its subsequent bastard child in Kosovo.

Milosovic we were told was a war criminal of the worst kind, in fact the greatest mass murderer since WW II, on a par with Hitler, responsible for the massive ethnic cleansing, mass graves and death camps of Bosnia. He was the master-mind directing Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadžić whose militias carried out the atrocities on the ground. The whole sorry mess was brought to an end only by the eventual and reluctant involvement of NATO whose relentless bombing campaign forced Serbia and Milsoveic to surrender.

And then justice was served as he was brought to trial in a blaze of publicity at the Hague for his 'war crimes'. His death during the trial was presented by the media and the Western political establishment - but I repeat myself - as justice denied to his countless victims. However the subsequent verdict of the court painted a very different picture. Here's an excerpt of the Tribunal's General Conclusion (full report here)

"With regard to the evidence presented in this case in relation to Slobodan Milošević and his membership in the JCE, the Chamber recalls that he shared and endorsed the political objective of the Accused and the Bosnian Serb leadership to preserve Yugoslavia and to prevent the separation or independence of BiH and co-operated closely with the Accused during this time. The Chamber also recalls that Milošević provided assistance in the form of personnel, provisions, and arms to the Bosnian Serbs during the conflict.

However, based on the evidence before the Chamber regarding the diverging interests that emerged between the Bosnian Serb and Serbian leaderships during the conflict and in particular, Milošević’s repeated criticism and disapproval of the policies and decisions made by the Accused and the Bosnian Serb leadership,the Chamber is not satisfied that there was sufficient evidence presented in this case to find that Slobodan Milošević agreed with the common plan."

Naturally these findings were buried by the whores in the Western media who'd have been forced to admit that the whole pantomime was a ploy by our globalist overlords to achieve multiple goals by using its economic power and NATO's military might to destroy a friend of Russia, an opponent of NATO, a strong nationalist and an Orthodox Christian. They succeeded. And they're still at it in the same region by stoking Albanian resistance in Macedonia just like they did in Kosovo. All in the name of freedom and democracy of course.

The sad part for me personally is that I fell for the whole charade at the time. But I've learned from that mistake. Hopefully we'll all recognise it the next time they try it on.

Monday, 2 October 2017

Every little bit helps!

Stefan Molyneux has built up an enormous Youtube following with a platform  that should on the face of it make him a hero to us on the at-right (I'll use that expression as a catch-all to cover those defending White interests). He exposes the devastating impact of feminism on society, calls out 'liberals' for their hypocrisy and double-standards, traces the spread of the Cultural Marxism infection through our institutions, exposes the insanities of the equalist and globalist agendas, isn't afraid to highlight black criminality and low achievement.

So what's the problem? The problem is that Molyneux, himself being Jewish, fails to identify the central Jewish role in the pathologies he rails against. In fact it'd be fairer to say that he carefully redirects his listeners' attention away from the centrality of the Jewish role. That's bad of course and as a consequence his standing is pretty low on the alt-right. And it is true that a failure to identify the war on Whites for what it is - a Jewish project - means we'll never win it.

But I'd still argue that Molyneux and others like him (e.g. Jordan Peterson) that avoid the JQ provide a valuable service. First by the very fact of identifying and refuting the pathologies that beset us. At a minimum this leads to large numbers of people questioning The Narrative of our globo-homo overlords. The biggest obstacle we face is ignorance and the apathy that follows from it. SM is waking such people up. Crucially, many of the awoken then begin to go further and ask how things have come to this and who is responsible. That's where it gets interesting because, as can be seen from the comments section, many of his fans are putting two and two together and coming up with a total which undoubtedly makes him uncomfortable. Even were the editorial scalpel to be wielded ruthlessly what has been seen cannot be unseen.

And essentially that's my point. Molyneux and others like him are doing the Lord's work even if part of their objective is misdirection. They're waking Whites up and that is the first step and an essential one. So cut him some slack and capitalise on his work by using his comments section. Every little bit helps!

Thursday, 28 September 2017

End world poverty now!

In a recent issue of the Rothschild-owned Economist Professor Bryan Caplan argued that labour is the world’s most valuable commodity and its value depends on location. Apparently if borders were open, a world of free movement would be $78 trillion richer than it is now. Mexican labourers would earn 150% more in the West while an unskilled Nigerian worker in Europe could make 1000 times (sic) as much in Germany as he would back home, adding 100 times more to global GDP than he would by the same work in Nigeria. 

Wouldn't that be wonderful? Well, no, as most readers quickly pointed out, and for a number of reasons. For a start where would we accommodate them, how would we build and staff the thousands of new welfare offices such enrichers would require and treat the explosion of tropical disease accompanying their arrival?

Caplan (changing the 'K' to a 'C' doesn't fool us Prof.) coyly avoids being too specific on such issues, not least because he isn't interested in the goyims' economic welfare. What he wants is to render White nations into atomised and dumbed-down abstractions with no unifying racial, moral, cultural or historical identity. Because in such a miasma an intelligent endogamous tribe will triumph and prosper without fear of exposure. Isn't that right Bryan?

Such a programme is underpinned by the following syllogism:

Free movement of produce = Good (more choice at cheaper prices)

Free movement of produce = free movement of people

Therefore free movement of people = Good

But people and goods are not the same, a fact so self-evident that even an economist or sociology professor could see it. Your Chinese fridge does not yearn for its factory of origin in Shanghai, it works productively from the time it arrives and you won't see it followed into your house by an assortment of cookers and fridges from the same factory. And crucially, you can throw it out when it gives trouble.

Then the most basic question: Why are the Nigerians 1000 times more productive in Germany than they are in Nigeria? Caplan has an answer for that: The infrastructure in White countries. Which in turn makes one ask why our infrastructure is so superior. We know the answer. But we won't hear it from Caplan any more than we did from (((Jared Diamond))) in Guns, Germs and Steel.

To bolster my point I now cite a few recent media reports.

Mother, 27, arrested after charred remains of her daughter found on a barbecue. Neighbours called police in Zemst, Belgium, on Sunday after seeing smoke. She is reported to have told officers 'we had to burn together to get into heaven' . The woman, believed to be of African descent, had reportedly been depressed for some time after going through a divorce.

Witch doctors are sacrificing children in drought-stricken Uganda. Jackline Mukisa sobbed as she described how her 8-year-old son was found in a nearby swamp in February without teeth, lips, ears and genitals. His remains suggest he was slowly killed as part of a human sacrifice ritual performed by witch doctors, apparently to appease the spirits.

A Bronx student stabbed a classmate to death with a switchblade and seriously injured another in front of more than a dozen classmates inside their high school Wednesday morning after being accidentally hit by a flying pencil. 

And this bastion of learning's name? The Urban Assembly School for Wildlife Conservation.

Truly fact is stranger than fiction!

Sunday, 24 September 2017

What would you do?

Douglas Murray is coming under increasing odium in WN circles for his repeated failure to finger the Jewish role in Europe's ongoing destruction.  In this interview he actually deemed anti-Semites (i.e. those who refuse to buy into The Narrative) as mentally ill.

Having studied the destruction of Europe, the strange death of Europe in fact, he knows the deal. He understand the Jewish role as well as anyone does. Yet he resolutely refuses to identify it. What does that make him? Well before we become too judgemental put yourself in his position for a moment. At present he enjoys fame and fortune and the future is roses all the way. But should he do a David Irving or an Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn that would change. Change utterly and immediately. 

Irving and Solzhenitsyn went from being celebrated wealthy writers to oblivion almost overnight. Now ask yourself honestly what you'd do in his position. Especially if, unlike him, you had a family to provide for. I'll disappoint you by admitting I'd be unlikely to bite the bullet. Not sure that I'd consign myself and my family to the impoverishment and persecution that would inevitably follow.

However biting your tongue or a little bit of dissimulation is one thing, actively obscuring the source of the problem is something else entirely. And that's what Douglas Murray's been doing. So he's a fair-weather friend at best.

The key issue is not his personal bravely or integrity, it's how we Whites can regain control of our own destiny from the hostile minority which has seized it.

Thursday, 21 September 2017

In God we trust. Not

If you want to understand the deep and complex issues of the day your first port of call should always be a Hollywood actor, some bubble-dwelling coke-head who makes his living dressing up and playing make-believe. And obviously Hollywood director Rob Reiner feels the same way because he's commissioned God himself - Morgan Freeman - to explain how Russia (a foreign country, he helpfully informs us) is undermining the American democratic process with potentially disastrous consequences. But Freeman is again just being an actor here, reading out his lines. Because a cursory examination reveals that this whole anti-Trump project, from Reiner himself to most of the talking heads on the video are Israeli-supporting Jews.

And that's really ironic because Russia's impact on the American democratic process is minuscule compared to that of Israel and its dual-citizen sayanim in America. For a start this whole Russian interference charge has been characterised from the beginning by a complete lack of supporting evidence. There's virtually nothing. Now compare that to the role of the dual-loyalty.....let me stop right there: Most of the sayanim, especially the Neocons, are single-loyalty. And it's not to America which they see as just a tool to advance Israeli interests. (In passing note that an avid supporter of Israeli settler interests has been appointed "American" Ambassador to that country where I'm sure he holds America's interests uppermost at all times.)

For a start nobody gets elected to public office unless they profess undying and unalloyed loyalty to Israel. And deliver on that profession of loyalty. Organised Jewish groups like AIPAC (there are dozens more) and wealthy individuals wield almost total control over the so-called people's representatives. This is enforced by Jewish dominance in banking, media, the courts, entertainment, think tanks and the universities. Anyone who doesn't unequivocally toe the line is consigned to obscurity. Or worse.

And this subversion, unlike that of Russia, has been spectacularly successful, to the extent of literally destroying traditional America via mass Third World immigration and Frankfurt School-induced societal degradation. In terms of putting Israel first the billions handed over annually to that country on behalf of American taxpayers is small change. The real payoff comes in terms of using American blood and treasure to fight Israel's wars in the Middle East. The catastrophes of Iraq and Syria have been masterminded by the Israeli-first Neocons and now the very same people, utterly unabashed and bereft of guilt, are trying to embroil America in a war with Iran. They might well succeed.

So Morgan, if you're really interested in the American democratic process forget about Russia and concentrate instead on Israel. Otherwise - God - go back to fucking your granddaughter.

Friday, 15 September 2017

Cry me a paddy-field

Myanmar (formerly Burma) is under severe attack from the "international community" (read NWO Globo-homos) for so-called genocide against the Rohingya Muslims. The United Nations calls them the “most persecuted minority group in the world”. Imagine that. Also amazing to see Muslims not getting on with their neighbours, isn't it? All respectable opinion, every 'international body', all the mainstream media see this conflict as truly Manichean. There are the good guys (Muslims) and the bad guys (Buddhists) and nothing in between. And whenever you encounter such unanimity from such sources you know that a new mind-fuck is underway. And the Rohingya campaign is no exception.
You'll be amazed to learn that the Rohingya Muslims have always had bad relations with their Buddhist neighbours. This was fuelled by not alone traditional Muslim out-group hostility but by massive long-standing growth in their numbers, derived not just from breeding like rabbits but through mass cross-border migration from what's now Bangladesh (previously East Pakistan and India before that). SOP in such circumstances is for Muslims to create their own Dar-al-Islam (even though they fled their previous one) which inevitably leads to clashes with the natives. This does not apply of course in cucked Europe where the locals just roll over.

But the Burmese Buddhists didn't roll over and widespread communal unrest resulted. "The massive rate at which they entered Arakan was a cause of great resentment among the local population, among whom a strong sense of nationalism developed." The problem was somewhat manageable until the onset of WW II when the British got the idea of enlisting the Rohingya in the war against Japan. Armed to the teeth by the Brits they duly went off to war. But against their fellow countrymen, not against the Japs. And with 
more than 20,000 fatalities they weren't holding back. 

Here's one contemporaneous account: "By night fall we could see rolling flames on the Maungdaw side from Taknaff Town across the wide Naff River. Later we heard the depressing news that tens of thousands of Bengali-Muslims had entered Maungdaw after the town was abandoned and burned down the whole town after taking away everything removable from the Yakhine houses including rice, cooking oil, salt, and every single piece of furniture. All the Yakhine villages, there were hundreds of them Buddhist villages, on the extremely fertile strip south of Maungdaw Town between the Naff River and Mayu Ranges were completely wiped out by the rioting Bengali Muslims within few days."

As you can imagine this didn't exactly endear them to the Burmese, especially as the mass cross-border influx continued unabated after the war. In response the Government imposed severe restrictions including a law that gave national citizenship to only those Burmese who could prove having ancestors residing in the country before British colonial rule. Which strikes me as a thoroughly splendid idea. But of course it's the antithesis of everything our NWO Globo-homo overlords stand for. Hence the international hue and cry.

We can now expect the invading army of European-based head-choppers (rested and replenished courtesy of the European taxpayers after their exertions in Syria and Iraq) to head off to Myanmar on their latest jihad. Aided and abetted once again by the peace-loving Gulf states and the freedom-loving Western democracies.

Just watch.

Tuesday, 12 September 2017

Lord Of The Flies in Paradise

Developments in the Caribbean island of St. Martin after hurricane Irma surely substantiate William Golding's pessimistic take on human nature. It was Lord Of The Flies redux. (As an aside, I see there are plans afoot for a remake of the earlier film versions but this time with an all-female cast. This in turn has provided the feminazis with yet another opportunity to display their unfathomable ignorance, hypocrisy and inconsistency. For decades we've been beaten over the head with demands for women to take on the roles traditionally played by men. We're all the same you see. But now we're indignantly told that girls would never turn into little savages like the boys did.)

Even the New York Slimes came perilously close to honest reporting. "In the few, long days since Irma pummeled the northeast Caribbean, killing more than two dozen people..... the social fabric has begun to fray in some of the hardest-hit communities At dawn, people began to gather, quietly planning for survival". To which any normal person would respond "well why the hell did they not quietly plan for survival before the storm hit?" As one local Dutch guy commented 'you can fill a cooler with $20 in rice and beans and eat for 3 weeks'. In any event 'quietly planning' actually meant opportunistically looting (or as the Slimes put it 'ad hoc provisioning'!). "They started with the grocery stores, scavenging what they needed for sustenance: water, crackers, fruit. But by nightfall on Thursday, what had been a search for food took a more menacing turn, as groups of people, some of them armed, swooped in and took whatever of value was left: electronics, appliances and vehicles." “All the food is gone now,” Jacques Charbonnier, a 63-year-old resident of St. Martin, said in an interview on Sunday. “People are fighting in the streets for what is left.” Latest news is that the local zoo is being plundered and the animals eaten.

We all know that blacks cannot sustain a techno-industrial society, let alone create one. In natural disasters blacks loot and pillage, Whites prepare and rescue. Blacks survive only as parasites, which is why they follow - all the time loudly complaining  - their White prey wherever we flee. But here's a question. What happens if and when YT is unable or unwilling to sustain them? What happens if and when White societies get over-run by Third World bottom feeders and become Third World themselves or when and if the financial money-printing ponzi that now artificially sustains us finally collapses?

Well, these events, and those with Katrina, have given us a pretty good idea.